Making money from your blog is truly possible! While it isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s a great goal to work towards that can end up being a huge source of income for you and your family. Many bloggers will tell you that it takes a ton of time and effort to start earning any money from your blog. While that may be true, there are a few ways to start earning money from your blog quicker than what it may have taken other bloggers to do. Interested in learning a few simple tips? You’ve come to the right place!

Simple Tips on Ways to Start Earning Money from Your Blog

  • Write good content. The better that you write, the more companies that will notice your blog and you may find that you start to receive a few offers and pitches from them as well. While the money can vary depending on the amount that they are willing to pay, producing good content that people actually want to read is the first step is starting to earn money from your blog.
  • Offer products on your blog that you like and want to share with others. Amazon is a great way to put a few links up on your site and offer products that your readers will love just as much as you do. If they click through and make a purchase, you earn a percentage of that sale! In the blogging world, this is known as being an affiliate and there are thousands of companies out there that have affiliate partnership programs to offer for bloggers to join for free.
  • Create an ebook or a course and sell it on your blog. Having a blog as a platform to sell your other products is a great idea. Not only is it super simple to do, (it’s your blog after all!), it’s a great way to potentially earn money while you sleep. Think about all the possibilities! Your blog is open all day, every day so for anyone that happens to stumble upon your site, you have the potential to earn a bit of money from them! If you offer a few products, then you could start to make some serious money!
  • Place ads on your site. While the debate is out on this one, there are a ton of bloggers out there who put ads on their sites and earn a substantial¬†amount of money. It all depends on the amount of traffic that you are getting to your site, but if you are able to join a larger ad site like Mediavine or AdThrive, you can really start to earn a good portion of money each and every month.

Time to Make Things Happen

No matter how you decide to start earning money from your blog, you need to have a plan in place on how it is going to happen. Every blogger would love to earn money from their blog, but it isn’t possible for all of them too. It takes hard work, persistence, dedication, and determination to make your blog grow. Then you will be able to start earning money from it. Start by creating great content, and keep up with the posting and promoting your work. If you can stick to a schedule each and every week and watch your traffic continue to grow, then you’ll find that the opportunities to start earning money begin to unfold before you. Take your time and don’t rush trying to earn money on your blog. Throwing up ads and links isn’t a good strategy as readers are aware that that is what you are trying to do. Your ads and your links need to make sense with the overall flow of your blog. Once that happens, you’ll find that you’ll have a much easier time monetizing your blog. Have Questions? I’m only an email away . . . Callie