As a business owner, social media is one of those forces that you can’t not have. As much as you may want to fight it, you can’t. Well, technically you can, but trust me in saying that you don’t want to. There are too many millions upon millions of users out there that are just waiting to learn all about you and your business. And while it can be hard to learn all about all the varying types of social media outlets, one to start out with early on in your business is Facebook. There is a difference between having a personal Facebook page and a Business Facebook page! If you are needing to get a business Facebook (FB) page set up, here is a step-by-step guide to making it happen!

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting your Business Facebook Page Up and Running


  • Start by setting up an Facebook Business Account. Totally separate from your personal and only about your business. Have your logo, your website, your hours, etc., all in plain view for customers and clients to recognize as well. The more information that you can include on your initial page about your business, the better. When setting up an account, you’ll have to designate what type of category that your business falls in to. Again, pay close attention to all these little details as they do matter when it comes to how FB will help to recognize and promote your page.
  • Have a strong logo picture and cover photo as well. There will be room on your FB page for a few different photo¬†ops so make certain that you choose ones that do a good job at representing your business and your company well.
  • Take the time to view your page as others will be seeing it. As you go along, keep reviewing what you have done. You want your business page to be perfect and if you find a mistake, you need to correct it immediately before you hit publish! Remember to keep it easy to navigate, read and understand as well as you don’t want to overwhelm people with too much information on your Facebook page.
  • Publish your page and get started on writing your first post. The more that you want to interact with your readers, the better! After all, that’s the point of social media, isn’t it? To engage with your fan base and your readers.
  • When it comes to having a Facebook business page, understand that content is key. While it is important to have your own posts, it’s just as important to share the posts of others as well. If you have other business pages that you like and want to highlight and follow, share their content on your FB business page, too! Not only does it show your readers that you’re actively wanting to engage with them, but it also shows that you appreciate good information with you find it!
  • And if you are looking for a little tip to really drive that engagement, post questions as call to actions! Ask them what they like about your company, or what type of things that they would like to see added to your business. Have fun with the fact that you can ask them questions and see their responses!

When it comes to setting up a business Facebook page, it’s important to do that early on in your business if possible. Social media allows for a huge following to start and grow. Just think about how many potential customers that you can reach for FREE just be engaging with them on social media outlets? Talk about a huge savings to your marketing budget and an overall increase in your client engagement!

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